LiquiSonic® Lab

LiquiSonic® Lab is specifically designed for lab applications and as a portable system in process plants.

The system is provided with a splash water-proof housing, and hence is also suited for rough operating conditions.

The electronic components of the evaluation unit and of the sensor are integrated in the housing to which a lab sensor is connected. Depending on the specific application this sensor may be of different materials.
The controller processes the sensor data and is the interface to the operator by displaying the concentration values. Being equipped with a high-tech microprocessor, the controller even copes with complex concentration calculations.
The clear, user-friendly and multilingual menu structure allows the intuitive system operation without extensive manual study.
The internal data memory has a capacity of up to 32,000 records. By reading out via the integrated TCP/IP or RS-232 interface, it is possible to create easily own process reports.
The process data or limit values will be updated every second.