LiquiSonic® Online Bath Monitor

The LiquiSonic® Online Bath Monitor is a high sophisticated liquid analyzer that is based on modern technologies and a comfortable operation. Measuring precisely the temperature-compensated sonic velocity directly in the bath or pipe, the analyzer determines continuously and in real time the concentration and contamination degree in cleaning or surface treatment baths.

The system consists of one or more intelligent sensors and one controller which are connected with each other by a digital line of almost any length. Investments costs are comparatively low, in particular, for a maximum of four sensors combined with only one controller suited for almost any distance between the individual measuring points.

The sensor can be integrated in any facility and is installed directly in the bath or pipe from DN 6 (NPS 1/8″) or larger. For process automation, the online bath monitor can be connected to the process control system.

Applications in industrial parts cleaning and surface treatment
cleaning processes
coating processes
hardening processes
etching and pickling processes

Benefits for the user
online concentration monitoring for optimum bath preparation and continuous bath maintenance
automated and exact re-dosing by transferring the measuring results to the control system
efficient control of bath changes by continuous measurement of the bath contamination degree
quality assurance by stable concentration level
cost savings by reduction of resource consumption and expenditure of time
complete documentation of the process parameters for traceability and audits

Advantages of LiquiSonic®
widest range of sensors from the standard product with an attractive price-performance ratio to the sensor with customized process connection, corrosion-resistant material and variable installation dimensions
precise temperature measurement and dynamic compensation
integrated flow detection (flow-stop-feature)
status monitoring via integrated absorption measurment and SonicGraph®
creating and uploading of product datasets by the user possible
maximum robustness and connection of up to four sensors to one controller