Medición de concentración y densidad. Velocidad sónica
LiquiSonic® stands for a measuring system that measures the density or concentration of a liquid by means of the sonic velocity. The measuring method is independent of the conductivity, color, refractive index or transparency of the liquid.
The products of the LiquiSonic® series are available as laboratory instruments or as a measuring system that can measure the concentration or density inline in the process. The measurement data of the liquid from the pipeline are available online and are updated every second.
How sonic velocity measurements work?
The sonic velocity can easily be calculated by measuring the travel time of the sonic signal. With the sonic velocity the device calculates the concentration or density of the liquid. More concentration units can be displayed, e.g. Brix, solid content, dry matter or suspension density.
The measuring principle only requires a time measurement that can be realized digitally with outstanding accuracy and long time stability. Sonic velocity analyzers have no moving parts; therefore there is no long time degradation of their mechanical properties. Using this sensor technology, the user will have several advantages against competitive methods.
The sensor firmware calculates the sonic velocity by using the known distance between the transmitter and receiver. The typical sensor design includes transmitter and receiver within one rough construction.
Industries to which the technology is directed:
  • Mining and metallurgy
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Pulp and paper
  • Pharma
  • Mechanics and industrial plants
  •  Controller
  • Sensors
  • Systems Liquisonic®


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