• Studies
  • Cost estimates
  • Detailed engineering and designs for:
- Construction / Commissioning
- Setting
- Operation and maintenance
Instrumining has added modular engineering packages to its instrument portfolio. Clients can choose the engineering packages they need, particularly those according to their standards and / or needs.

The engineering is delivered in different formats according to the client's requirements, usually in PDF format. Native: diagrams in AutoCad, documents in Microsoft Office (Word and Excel). Databases in Excel or Access.

Engineering can be delivered by instrument, Tags or according to the hierarchical structures of ISA 95.

The engineering that Instrumining offers:

  • Specialized studies (eg Trade Off, comparatives that demonstrate the viability of a solution)
  • Cost estimates (e.g. to request budget)
  • Detailed engineering design (eg for installation and configuration)

Depending on the size of the instruments involved the detailed engineering of Instrumining can be classified into three options in terms of size:

  • Small Engineering: This package can be included with the purchase of 1 to 10 instruments).
  • Middle Engineering: This package can be considered with the purchase of 11 to 50 instruments or with the development of a small plant (mechanical package).
  • Large Engineering: This package can be considered in an MIV (Main Instrumentation Vendor) scheme supplying all the instruments of a plant and its associated engineering).

Field Assistance

Integration engineering for new or existing projects is key to not interrupt business development.

Already in the field we are in a position to provide you with commissioning, commissioning and equipment calibration services.

Later, if the opportunity exists, we execute maintenance services and professional training.

Automation projects

  • Engineering
  • Supply (equipment and materials)
  • Installation (installed by the same suppliers ensures its correct operation)
  • Commissioning (by specialists)