Monitoring Froth Density and Froth Flow:   Mineral Recovery, Flotation Cells

With metallurgical variability in the ore being processed, coupled with variability in the particle size from the Grinding Circuit, caused by changes in Ore hardness, Flotation Cells, Concentrate  Grade and  Recovery can constantly change. Concentrators still rely on trained operators to manually observe changes to the mineral recovery efficiency, backed up by some technologies, as well as taking Froth samples from common launders on a time basis to analyze in the laboratory.

Changes to the metallurgical/hardness characteristics in the Ore are random and therefore reduced mineral recovery may occur before the next Froth sample is analyzed or before the operator manually observes changes taking place in the Flotation Cell. Some banks of Flotation Cells may not be recovering mineral at their most efficient levels because of mechanical, hydraulic, feed, airflow, reagent imbalances.

FloLevel Technologies introduced the Analyzer Array in conjunction with the Pulp/Slurry, Froth height Array Level Transmitters to provide continuous feedback on Froth Density Measurement and  Froth Flow Rate Measurement to provide instantaneous reporting back to the control system on major changes occurring in mineral recovery from the Flotation Cell.

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